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AirX Brokerage update

Dear all, I am pleased to announce the success of the London brokerage.

AirX Brokerage update

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Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the success of the London brokerage.

After just 3 months and 11 days we have flown over 35 direct clients.

Generating a total of €1,241,942  in revenue of which €737,200 went to the AirX fleet which produced €160,000 which is a higher GP compared to broker flights as the AirX UK brokerage team are incentivised to sell the fleet at a higher rate.

Over €500,000 was booked on third party operators of which the company receives 2/3 of the commission which is strengthening our cashflow without external capital injections.

In the process, we have strengthened relationships with competitors by working with them. Facilitating better rates whenever the company have to sub-charter due to AOG’s. Furthermore, it has strengthened our links to the ultra high net worths.

Bearing in mind that is before any advertising, PR, having direct client represented on the website or having any widespread branding on the aircraft.

As we grow our direct client base, market knowledge and best practices evolves and improves. Furthermore, it allows us more time to sell the positioning sectors which reduce our direct operating costs.

I am incredibly proud to share the success of the AirX UK brokerage, achieving these results without any funding or ability to give clients credit yet is remarkable.

Once we grow our clientele we will be offering special winter rates and route pricing ahead of the season to build further viability. If this can be achieved with two brokers just imagine what can be achieved with more.