Flight Dispatcher and OCC Officer - AirX

Due to our continuous growth, an exciting opportunity has arisen for a Flight Dispatcher & OCC Officer to join our Operations department.

The role of this position is to assist in planning flight routes, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, enroute weather  restrictions, and airport conditions, and responsible for arranging all handling on an aircraft parking spot, coordinates passenger, cargo and fuel loading as well as taking care of all handling and permits.


  • Exercising operational control within safe efficient planning and monitoring of a flight.
  • Studying aircraft performance and limitations and make decisions on flight acceptance.
  • Providing day-to-day administrative, functional and technical direction to the Flight Dispatch and Load Planning.
  • Analyzing operational conditions and identify any opportunities that may constrain impede, or benefit operational capabilities inclusive of, but not limited to weather, facilities, Air Traffic Control, and aircraft performance.
  • Arranging various services for the flights in the airports of operation, this includes handling services, slots and permits.
  • Scheduling the Fleet respecting the crew duty times and best cost-efficient policy
  • Performing Operational Flight Watch and for determining if changes to operational and meteorological conditions may affect the safety of flights within a prescribed area or on assigned routes, and for communicating those changes to the Pilot-in-Command.
  • To provide the Pilot-in-Command with a thorough and professional flight crew briefing, covering all significant information which may impact the operation of his flight.
  • Initiating ERP, and assessing and issuing Flight Incident Category Reports, as required, inclusive of the corporate notification process and maintaining a written log during the incident.
  • Resolving with CAMO, the pilot-in-command, Ground Operations Management and Pilots as required, problems caused by any aircraft deviation from standard which may limit or impact flight operational capabilities, and to communicate any operational limitations as required.
  • Liaising with the Ground Operations Duty Manager, for the purposes of maintaining dispatch standard operating procedures and all applicable sections of the Company Operations Manual.
  • Running Reports and statistics relate to Operational matters as required by the management.


  • Good skills with a minimum of 3 years in flight dispatch experience and Ground Operations;
  • Flight Dispatch course is a must
  • Experience in wide body aircrafts and long-haul flights
  • Experience in aircraft W&B and performance software such as Flysmart, APG, and GURU2
  • Good communication skills in both English and preferably knowledge of additional languages;
  • Relevant qualifications and demonstrated knowledge and experience as Flight Despatcher in airline and/or corporate and VIP operations;
  • Experience in handling IT applications;
  • Be knowledgeable about the legal and contractual obligations of the position and also keep abreast of changes thereto;
  • Be knowledgeable in EASA regulations and content of the AirX Operations Manuals;
  • Eligible to live and work in the EU

Why should you join us?

  • A competitive salary package together with other benefits;
  • Training and professional development;
  • A challenging and dynamic work environment.