What is a charter airline flight? 

Chartering transportation, including jets, means hiring a craft for a specific journey by a person or a business. For example, a football team or holiday group may charter a flight for themselves, meaning no other passengers will be present on the plane. 

You might be surprised that not all charter flights are luxurious. A charter airline flight could even be carrying cargo and nothing else. It’s also common practice for commercial airlines to offer passenger charter services. This means that the same planes used for regular commercial flights, the type in which you might end up in economy class, are used for chartered flights. Companies like AirX, on the other hand, offer luxury private jet charters with seating capacities ranging from twelve to one hundred passengers.  

What are the benefits of chartering a flight? 


The top benefit of chartering a flight is your right to choose your timing. So, instead of searching for scheduled flights with times that match your needs as closely as possible, chartering allows you to select destinations and departure times that suit you.  

Exclusivity and customisation 

Your ability to decide who will travel on your chartered plane has several benefits. For example, a business group or sports team can have a chartered plane to themselves, using the flight to build a sense of camaraderie, taking time to strategise, or just rest and relax.  

People hiring a luxury chartered flight can also access various customisation options which go beyond selecting the food and drinks to be served. Business groups might want branded items on display and families may have special requests, from dietary preferences to a desire to use their own bedding. In short, a degree of exclusivity cannot be achieved on ordinary, scheduled flights.  


Baggage limitations are frequently a problem for people travelling on scheduled flights. Although safety standards specify the amount and type of luggage that can be taken along, chartered flights will usually have fewer limiting requirements. Apart from being helpful to those who want to bring many items along, this feature is particularly reassuring for those travelling with valuables or anything that is particularly fragile. 

Airport time savings 

Airport check-in processes are a less-than-pleasant feature of scheduled flights, but charter flights can offer dedicated check-in arrangements that cut out the queues, allowing passengers to save a great deal of time and frustration.  

Finally, scheduled flights may not service specific destinations, while a chartered flight can be used to reach any destination with a runway suitable for the aircraft’s takeoff and landing.  

What is the difference between charter and scheduled flights? 

Suppose you’re booking a flight to go on holiday; most people look for a flight that’s already scheduled to travel to a destination on a specific day.  

The main difference between charter and commercial flights is that with charters, you don’t just get rights to a seat or seats – you get the whole aircraft – and you can decide when you would like to travel and where you’d like the jet to go.  

Is there a difference between charter flights and private jets? 

While you can charter a flight on a private jet, not all charter flights use luxury private jets. For example, you can charter a short flight on a helicopter or light aircraft or a jet that is usually used for scheduled flights.  

On the other hand, a private jet is a byword for luxury, and at AirX, our private jets offer the ultimate luxury travel experiences. Think designer interiors, lie-flat beds and even private bedrooms, gourmet food, spacious bathrooms, big-screen entertainment, and more. It’s worlds away from a regular chartered flight! 

How to charter a private jet 

Choose where you will make your booking  

You have the option to book a private jet through a broker or by directly contacting a charter service provider. Brokers utilize their network to find options based on your travel details, handling negotiations and logistics on your behalf. Direct booking involves contacting the service provider yourself, offering direct communication and potentially faster response times. For frequent flyers, direct booking will foster a personal relationship with the airline. Consider your needs and preferences when deciding which method best suits you. 

Specify your needs 

To charter a private jet with AirX, you can get in touch over the phone, via the website, or by using our dedicated app. Once you have contacted us, specify the details of your travel, such as your departure and destination locations, the date and time of your travel, the number of passengers travelling, and your preferred budget range. By sharing these details, we will be able to recommend suitable options that meet your requirements. 

Choose your private charter jet 

Once you know which jets match your needs, you can choose the right aircraft for your journey and confirm your booking. 

Prepare for unparalleled luxury  

Whether you’re chartering a 100-seater long-range jet or a smaller, more intimate one for family and friends, you should expect every detail to be arranged for your comfort and luxury when you choose AirX. So, with your booking out of the way, all that’s left for you to do is pack your bags and let the anticipation build.  

Experience five-star luxury and service and the wonderful feeling of having your very own private jet at your disposal. Make yourself at home. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again next time you charter a private jet.