Our Services - AirX

Our Services

AirX caters for every occasion across the globe, connecting them to our ever-growing, diverse fleet. From one to a hundred passengers, we cater for individuals, families, VVIP's and global brands alike.

Corporate and Government travel

Our diverse fleet makes us the go-to choice with major corporations and governments worldwide. Whether it's the discreet transport of key influential individuals and heads of state, the hurried delivery of secure documents or a multi-city roadshow maximising executives' time, we have the aircraft to match your needs.

Our fleet includes the Legacy 600/650 - unparalleled runway performance allowing access to hard-to-reach city runways, also a Boeing 737-700 BBJ with state of the art layout to accommodate meetings or rest while flying.

Music, Film and Entertainment

A section of our business comes from some of the world's most recognisable faces. From individual artist flights to multi-leg production tours carrying an entire entourage and kit, AirX delivers an unmatched product.

We work with record labels, management agencies and tour managers, making sure every last detail is taken care of.

From dietary requests, transportation, and special requests in obscure parts of the world, we are here to make sure the mission flight is a success. Our "My flight" service is here to deliver.

Sports Teams

Many globally recognisable sports teams choose AirX.

Our aircraft offer a fully customised onboard experience – including nutritionally balanced catering, physio areas (on our A340-500) and the carriage of special equipment.

Award Winning

We are delighted to be recipients of numerous awards.