Everyone would love to enjoy the full VIP-style private jet experience at least once in their lifetimes. The private jet experience is a hallmark of luxury, so much so that influencers will even rent a photo shoot set to take pictures that make it look like they’ve flown in a luxury private jet.  

But for those who want to experience the genuine article or are wondering what the private plane experience is like, this article outlines what to expect, from opulent furnishings to attentive hands-on service.  

How does private flying work? 

It’s surprisingly easy to hire a private jet, but if you want the full private flight experience, a company specialising in luxury charters is the best option. They’ll focus on providing the unforgettable moments you want to treasure. 

Booking your jet can be done by using a broker or by contacting a charter company directly. Brokers leverage their connections to find suitable options based on your travel requirements and handle all negotiations and arrangements for you. When you book directly, you communicate with the service provider, booking directly can help establish a personal relationship with the airline. Decide which approach aligns best with your preferences and requirements. 

What are the benefits of flying on a private jet? 

 With the right jet charter company to serve you, you’ll realise multiple benefits that transform flying from simply reaching a destination into an experience in and of itself: 

Before your journey begins 

  • Set the schedule and fly when and where you want – no compromises, transfers, or awkward departure times to deal with. Want a limousine to take you to the airport in comfort and style? That can be arranged. 
  • Pick your travel companions. The jet is yours. Travel solo, bring a significant other, or fill your flight with friends, family or business associates. You can even bring pets along for a luxury ride in the cabin instead of a freight area. 
  • Access more destinations. Private jets are usually smaller than commercial ones and can take off and land at a broader range of airports. When flying internationally, you will still have to choose airports that are geared to receive international travellers, but you’ll still have a wider range of options. 

Board in style 

  • Skip the airport queues and lengthy boarding procedures. Cruise through the airport, go through priority boarding airport security checks to ensure regulatory compliance and be escorted aboard your plane. 
  • When you fly on a private jet, missing items, damaged suitcases, and breakages are not a concern. Plus, you’ll be able to bring more things along without incurring additional charges. This benefit is why sports teams and professional musicians prefer to fly privately. 

Dedicated service and fabulous amenities for your comfort 

  • Step into a luxurious and spacious interior that resembles what you’d expect from a premium hotel – with furnishings and interior decor of the finest possible quality. 
  • Enjoy a warm welcome and dedicated yet unobtrusive service from service staff whose sole aim is to ensure your comfort. 
  • Expect fine dining from a menu you’ve chosen and approved. If you’re craving a particular delicacy, specify it when you book and it will be prepared with the utmost care. 
  • Work and play online. You can use WiFi during your flight when it won’t interfere with the plane’s systems. However, not all private jets offer WiFi. Specify whether you need WiFi access when choosing a private jet to charter. 
  • Get all the sleep you need in private bedrooms with lie-flat beds and crisp linen sheets. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and freshen up in immaculate washroom facilities. Some private jets take things one step further with stylish hotel-style bathrooms. 
And more 
  • The best in safety standards should be non-negotiable. When you fly with AirX, for example, you benefit from the peace of mind that comes with full ISBAO certification and the coveted Argus Platinum safety rating. 
  • Enjoy time savings and convenience. After all, there’s less waiting around on the tarmac before take-off and less hassle with boarding and disembarking. 
  • Look out for those special touches: details like fresh flowers, memorable surprises for children, and concierge services that take your luxury experience far beyond your flight.  

How does flying private differ from first class? 

First class may offer you priority boarding, personal space, lie-flat beds, a bigger luggage allowance, and better menus, but you get a different level of bespoke service than you do when flying private. 

The private jet experience allows you to set the schedule and arrange every detail, including who travels with you, to your liking. How does that sound to you? 

If you want to fly in unparalleled luxury, AirX offers an outstanding fleet of private jets. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, our team is on hand to cater to your every need. Contact our team of experts today – and you’ll take that first step towards experiencing the epitome of luxury air travel.