Your Safety - AirX

Your Safety

The management of safety is paramount to AirX and while we operate in the private and business jet environments, our standards are as high as any commercial airline. Our aircraft operate under EASA AOC’s (Aircraft Operating Certificates) in the UK, Malta and Germany.

AirX have received the most recognised badges of safety quality for charter operators worldwide – the Argus Platinum and the IS-BAO ratings. Out of over 230 operators that make up the European market, the Argus Platinum has only been granted to five companies, putting AirX firmly in the ranks of the European charter elite.


Argus Charter Operator ratings are the industry’s most respected, recognised and requested symbol, denoting the highest quality commercial operators around the world. The badge is a pre-requisite for many leading corporations, government minister and royal travel.

IS-BAO is the global standard for business aircraft operators, exemplifying a code of best practice and dedication to the highest level of  safety and professionalism.