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AirX Fleet

The most diversified fleet in the history of private aviation

airbus a340 300 vip

One of the largest private jets on the market with seats for up to 100 passengers. A one stop global reach with a 45-tonne cargo payload and supremely comfortable lie-flat seats with bedding, IFE and full amenity kits for each passenger.

boeing 737 vip boeing 737 500

With 44, 56 or 126 seat configuration this jet is Ideal for large group travel. Popular with sports teams, music & film tours as well as corporate, political and royal travel, offering up to 5 hours flying and 5 tonnes of cargo capacity.

challenger 850

Renowned for comfort and space- ideal for medium-haul journeys. The same expansive, 13/16 passenger, three section, cabin as a Global but at a fraction of the price with up to 300+ cubic feet of pressurised baggage storage.

legacy 600

The ultimate business jet: superb runway performance allows access to harder to reach airports. The 13-passenger cabin offers more space than any other aircraft in its class, while also providing ample baggage capacity.

citation x

One of the world’s fastest business jets covering one mile every 6 seconds with a cross-continental range with a cabin that comfortably seats up to 8 passengers.